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The second thesis in the classic series of the Infinity Room’s «First Person,» Call for Duty 2 falls into a series of thrilling battles, the rockets from the defense of Moscow to the Battle of Stalingrad, the Battle of Alamein D-Day and more. With a wide range of weapons and realistic fronts for World War II, this game combines pieces from a series of amazing battles with a game at a rapid pace in time. Most missions are the infantry battle, but there are some tank battle scenes. Behind the enemy lines of Duty 2 is a very influential shooter, so fans of the genre will already be familiar with many of their hypothesis, including damage mechanics and simple weaponry. The good practical atmosphere makes the game particularly immersive and the supporting characters provide dramatic context and information about a useful battlefield. Despite the fact that it is a well-known shoot from World War II trads-in the act one of the most important records in the genre has a wide range of missions, including oblique challenges involving fighting fights and frantic Defenses. Against the overwhelming odds. (function () {(‘ review-app page desktop ‘);}); Back to the Frieydos you fan of the genre ‘ First Person Shooter ‘, who hasn’t played this experience from the classic battlefield worth looking for. Some of the graphics feel a bit dated, but the combat mechanics are still fresh. The game involves multiplayer action, but as a classic game doesn’t have much online community.

Call of Duty: World War II is a historic first-person shooter who sees the toll series return to its roots and put you in the role of a young American infantryman who is through the fiercestBattles of the Second World Battle is alive. Other characters will be not only the soldiers, but also the fighters of resistance and even the duty of Battlefield the series of calls always proud of their precision historical yPrecisión and call to duty: World War II is no exception. Unlike many shooters, the game does not involve health regeneration. If you get too badly injured, you need to find your squad doctor and enter your feet, possibly costing the job. Similarly, the Ammodi are not as numerous as in many other shooters, so each bullet count.
In addition to the one-player campaign, the game also includes multiplayer battles, including competitive games with asymmetric stories based on a story and co-op mode. In the cooperative game, you’ll fight computer-controlled opponents with your friends, including the popular Nazi zombies. In general, this is a promising return to a classic period for a recent time called a franchise for modernity and SCI-FI (function ();}); Beachcall for duty: The Second World War more than you would expect from tithing-The carpenter, and the realistic shooter, with enough content for the Gamper story. If that sounds like your thing, look at that.


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