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The toll is a game of the classic characteristics of the same person as the Second World War. Launched in 2003 was the rotation of a series that came to dominate the genre for years. With the original Medal of Honor define the appearance and feeling of the games of the Second World War for years to come. The game follows the stories of the soldiers fighting in the American and Soviet armies and includes not only the infantry, but also a small number of missile battle tanks. The glory and tragedy of WarCall of a doll is an exciting and exciting shooting game in the first person, but the battle scenes are nothing more than action-tours movies. They are often horrified by the visions of chaos and fear of fighting the terrorist missions in the Red Army campaign. These scenes inspired by films such as the enemy forces at Borth and the actual events in the Battle of Stalingrad, evokes the chaos of war in a way that other video games have accomplished. (Function () {(‘ Application Review-page-Desktop-‘);}); Clasur in the fanzine is a first-person shooter fan definitely a call to duty is worth a game not only because it is an exciting game, but also for its influence on subsequent games. Some items may seem dated as the delictual liability system and some of the graphics, but there is still enough to enjoy in particular the history and dollars of war.

After three instalments on World War II, Call of Duty 4 changed the scene and ran in the 21st century to fight in the war on terror.

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Realistic and unpredictable Mission

Due to the nature of the 21st century war, will face high-risk situations Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Get ready to find the enemies that manipulate them more management strategies. Fortunately, you and your allies will get a full arsenal of new equipment.

New devices designed to fight the latest technologies are at your service. Call Duty 4, you can use infrared goggles, heat detectors or goal generation. Add to Thunderarms as long-range rifles, like a rocket launcher and you’re ready to.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare offers a much more complex experience in the past, not only for new weapons, but also because of some rancid that they should enter the darkness of the night; Not only must use heavy weapons, but also silhouettes that help to hide you at night.

As a result, have changed the journey; Many of them are in the evening, while some insist to keep the enemy to the right, offer surprising situations of the game point. In this sense, the different spaces in places as varied as the desert, the North Sea, and many Placesar all over the world play an important role in the game. The game creators themselves have said that the straw in a modern environment has given complete details, showing battle situations that can be described as nothing more than real.

More control

Of courseThe rules of the Gamesar are remarkable, and there is an extension saying that the accuracy is impressive. A greater awareness, it is very easy to destroy enemies, no matter where it comes from a theyre.

Incredible amazing War

The TrucadesObligació4: Modern warfare has spectacular; You will find very realistic scenarios of war cities, half destroyed and in flames and as well as striking visual effects, smoke includingvolumétriques explosions or weapons of fire and very detailed reproductions of some new Trucks.

Effia Sound Duty 4: Modern warfare is just so realistic.
Microsoft Office 2019 The sound of a gun is real enough to get you squeezed and the explosives have the ability to shake Theroom, if you have the corresponding sound.
Musical ly Windows XP78

Modern Warfare: Essential

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a must-play. With spectacular graphics, sound and, above all, a game, Infinity Ward changed the historical period, leaving after the Second World War for a whole new specialty.


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